I help individuals, teams, and organizations make better decisions, achieve deeper understanding, and design better futures.

I energize groups by creating events where everyone's voice is heard.

I create intelligent, safe, intentional space for teams to work together.

I draw while you talk to enable discussion and create a compelling visual record.

"Jack is masterful at bringing a fresh perspective to solving long-standing, persistent problems. With the soul of an artist, the intellect of a philosopher and an intuitive understanding of how people can work together more effectively, he supports groups in gaining clarity, designing innovative (and useful!) concepts and strategies and detailing the plans to launch and them."

–Elise Hufano
Executive Director The Difference

"Jack is the whole package; he’s smart and can very quickly understand new organizations and their challenges. His thinking is at once original and dependable. Most importantly, he’s great to be around."

–David Roberts
Co-Founder The Difference

"I know two things to be true about Jack Burgess. He has a wonderfully creative mind and he is highly thoughtful."

– Matt Saiia
Founder and CEO Collective Next

"Jack brings a unique combination of the savvy and empathetic intellect of a business professional with the creativity and imagination of a world class artist. This dynamic mix is complemented by a huge experience base derived from helping 1000’s of clients discover a better path forward. Anyone who has the good fortune to work with Jack is demonstrably better for doing so."

–Hamilton Ray
Senior Principal Collective Next